Batman: Death in the Family Interactive Film

Hey everyone! We know that its been a bit since our last post and we’re sorry for the delay of news. However, Seppin and Rek are back at it!

DC just announced their first interactive animated film adapting the original comic book story by Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo and using the animated movie, Under the Red Hood, from 2010. Check out the first trailer below!


Wow! It seems like the choices are really going to make a big impact on how your story turns out with all of the new clips shown. Sort of like the Batman Telltale game except properly optimized. Either way, returning to the Under the Red Hood animated film is awesome and Seppin will probably be trying each choice in his own time to see the different outcomes. Super excited to see this entirely different and new approach to DC animation turns out and we can’t wait to see how our story compares to the original.

Also, check out this amazing Blu-Ray box art!


Will you let Jason die? Or is it too late for him? Tell us what you guys think of the interactive movie down in the comments below! Until next time…




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