Last WB Montreal Teaser Puzzle

Hey everyone! Seppin and Rek are back to the blog and we have the final puzzle for WB Montreal’s Batman game. You can check out Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s puzzle here.

However, let’s check out today’s puzzle!

This one was a little tough, but, thankfully, someone’s got it figured out.


995 is the code! So, then we just bring the code over to and enter the code in the last tab.


A brief teaser showcasing parts of the map that we unlocked earlier this week. What is even more interesting that that is the background looks to be the belfry or clock tower compartment where Batman and Oracle work out of in Gotham. Will this small headquarters be apart of the main game?

The teaser ends with a 24 hour countdown until the big reveal at DC FanDome where we will undoubtedly get our announcement trailer for the new game.

Are you guys excited for the Court of Owls? Did you enjoy the puzzles or did they infuriate you? Tell us in the comments below!

Until next time…



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