First Look at Dune!

Holy crap, the first images for the Dune reboot are finally here and they are amazing!

The most recent copy of Empire magazine has released several Dune specialty covers. Overall, we love them, check out the first one here,

This first cover gives us a look at Timothy Chalamet’s Paul Atredies, the main character. He is joined by his parents, the Duke Leto, Oscar Issac, and Rebecca Ferguson‘s Lady Jessica. The royal family will be the focus of the story for this movies o it is awesome to see them together. You may ask, who is the other guy? Well, that is Josh Brolin playing Gurney Halleck. He is the duke’s right hand man and he is quite the musician. Awesome!

This cover is also awesome because we finally get to see Jason Mamoa as Duncan Idaho!

Aw yeah that is going to be awesome because he is a bad ass and pretty funny. We also see Stilgar and Liet Kynes in the center of the cover. It is also really neat to see Zendaya playing Chani, who is Paul’s future lover. Overall, this cover has also got us hyped.

Okay, get ready!

BOOM! Giant alien sandworm!

And that is Dune in a nutshell!

These are all really cool but the first look at the sandworm has got us really excited to see this film!

What do you think?




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