DC Theory: What Changed Justice League?!

Hey Everyone, I’ve got another DC theory for you today discussing the change between the events of Josstice League and the events of Zack Snyder’s Justice league. Again, I have a video version of this post that you can watch below, I offer some more insight and opinion on these theories and I would really appreciate it if you gave it a view. Alright, let’s talk Justice League:

As we know, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming to HBO Max next summer. This is really strange and affects the future of the Worlds of DC. What caused this Justice League event to happen instead of the Whedon version of the film? Now, we could just say that this is just a different version of the film that is coming out and has no affect on the rest of the DC landscape. But that is just not fun and leaves no room for speculation. Instead we have to look at every DC event that has taken place since Whedon’s Justice League and judge if it could have affected the universe.

So, instead I suggest that we analyze how the events of Justice League changed. For the first version of this analysis, I want to talk about Crisis on Infinite Earths. For people that don’t know. This was a crossover event that brought together all of the CW shows and a ton of other corners of DC Media. We even got to see Ezra Miller’s Flash connect with Grant Gustin’s television Flash. This is important to note because it connects the two universes and establishes that the DC films are in the same multiverse as the CWverse. This means that we can look at the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths as a whole and understand how that has a grander affect on the rest of the DC Multiverse. Perhaps this large Crisis that involved the destruction of the multiverse resulted in Whedon’s timeline being destroyed by the Anti-Monitor and this would just mean that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the surviving universe. Boom, this is how Zack’s Film is canon. End the video…

Well, that’s not exactly the ending. I say that because there are a few plot holes here. The biggest one is the Ezra Miller cameo. During Crisis, the entire Multiverse was thought to be destroyed and the survivors were stuck in a place in between the worlds. The issue with this cameo is that Ezra Miller somehow arrives there when all of the Earth’s were thought to be destroyed. What does this mean? How could he be there? Well these questions are still being asked or glanced over, but we do have some potential answers. The best answer will probably surprise anyone who has followed the CWverse and change the way they watch the shows. Ready? The Flash and Arrow aren’t on Earth One. Think about it. They just seemed to consider themselves Earth One without any proof. IT is that simple overthought of making themselves the center of the Multiverse. Although we cannot possibly confirm this, it would make a lot of sense and explain why Ezra is able to get there because he is from the real Earth one/ Earth Prime. But how would this explain the CWverse Earth Prime? Maybe their Earth became Earth Prime after the events of Crisis or they are just calling themselves that. Another explanation would be that Miller’s flash went into the Speed force after Whedon’s Justice League during his race with Superman and resulted in him finding out about the Crisis as his world died. This means that we have a Flash lost in the Speed force and we might potentially see him in a future film. After all, we have no idea what happened to his Earth in the entire event the only hint was Miller’s cameo. The biggest issue with this theory is that there is no way to prove this theory at this current point in time. Perhaps the Snydercut will answer this question or maybe not. We just don’t know.

Now, I only have one more theory and that again involves the Flash. One of the many unanswered questions in Whedon’s Justice League is Barry’s cameo in BvS. Shouldn’t Bruce recognize Barry or be able to remember who he is or to at least connect the dots for us. The only way that we could resolve this is if the Justice League film that we got was unique in that Barry never ran back in time to warn Bruce and this resulted in a minor win for the Josstice League, but perhaps the Nightmare world that we saw in BvS was the result of Barry not warning Bruce and that Snyder’s Justice League is instead the result of the Flash from Josstice League running back in a last ditch effort to rewrite time. This would make both canon and also close out Whedon’s Justice League as a dark and dead world ruled by Darkseid. This is totally possible and I would just love for it to come and show us what the real set of events were.

Overall, we could be talking about this for hours because we just don’t know. But there are a lot of super cool theories that we can come up with. If we get any more information, then I will respond to this and try to fix up these theories.

What do you think?




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