Koch Media Stream Roundup

Hey everyone! With E3 starting the main events tomorrow, it’s important to recognize the other gaming events taking place during this time, such as the Koch Media stream that was earlier today. The stream focused on the rising publisher and their new label, Prime Matter, while also allowing fans a chance to get to know the various studios supported by the company. The main thing that Rek and Seppin were looking forward to was the announcement of Payday 3 by Starbreeze. However, we were pleasantly surprised by some of what other studios were working on.

There wasn’t a lot of gameplay shown for just about anything, but here’s a small roundup.

Check it out below

Final Form Reveal Trailer

In Final Form, you take the role of a sentient female machine in this Sci Fi Adventure FPS game developed by Reikon for Prime Matter.

Payday 3… Concept Art

Looks cool. It was a rumored a while back, but we’re happy to have it! Can’t wait to hear more about what the gang is up to next.

Scars Above

Again, seems like another game in alpha that we will hopefully get a better trailer next year. Interesting nonetheless.

Encased Official Trailer

I like the setting that they’ve chosen to go along with. 1970’s alternate history is pretty neat.


The upcoming Prime Matter game, Dolmen, is a Lovecraftian and H.R. Giger inspired hardcore RPG set in a science fiction backdrop. Interesting…

King’s Bounty II Gameplay Trailer

King’s Bounty 2 is an upcoming medieval turn based tactical RPG, and Prime Matter’s first game release!

On stream, they discussed that they currently had around 12 games in production at the moment and these were a few of the highlighted ones with trailers to show. There were also other smaller studios that discussed interesting game project, like The Chant, that we will hopefully see more on in the future.

What did you all think of the Koch Media Stream if you tuned in to watch it? Did you see the IGN Expo instead? Tell us in the comments below!

Until next time…



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