Square Enix Conference News

Hello everyone, today an exciting day for the second day of E3. This afternoon, Square Enix had their big show and revealed a few trailers and gave us a few games for us to be excited for! Below is all of the trailers that were released during the showcase. Check them out and tell us... Continue Reading →

Xbox and Bethesda Conference News

Hey everyone! Today was the second day of E3, the big gaming convention, and set off with Xbox and Bethesda's main event. A lot of hype was driven behind this event and a lot of game trailers were released, so let's work our way through it together. Check it all out below! Starfield Trailer https://youtu.be/SwGlBuyTdfg... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil Cast Revealed

Hey everyone! Netflix is announcing a lot of news this week in their Geeked event as well as capitalizing on gaming fans since it is E3 weekend. Recently, Netflix came out with a few of the names attached to one of their ongoing Resident Evil series in production. Not the early timeline based on Resident... Continue Reading →

Gearbox Entertainment Reveals

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to your E3 weekend and checking out the various streams being hosted online this year. After the Ubisoft Forward event, Gearbox Entertainment invited fans into Gearbox University to school them in the ways of the Borderlands and was an overall funny, smart way to... Continue Reading →

Ubisoft Forward Announcements

Hey everyone! Today was the first day of E3's major events and Ubisoft got things rolling with its Ubisoft Forward event a few hours earlier. On it, the gaming company revealed their newest projects, future plans for their current games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, as well as a glimpse into their films division, discussing Mythic... Continue Reading →

IGN Summer Game Fest Announcements

Hey everyone! With E3 lining up the main events tomorrow, fans were teased with a few awesome reveals on the IGN Expo stream earlier today. Trust me when I say that there was a LOT of reveals. So, let's go through them all as quickly and calmly as possible. Get excited and get ready! Check... Continue Reading →

Koch Media Stream Roundup

Hey everyone! With E3 starting the main events tomorrow, it's important to recognize the other gaming events taking place during this time, such as the Koch Media stream that was earlier today. The stream focused on the rising publisher and their new label, Prime Matter, while also allowing fans a chance to get to know... Continue Reading →

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