Mauer der Toten First Teaser!

Three days ago we got the name of the next round based zombies map coming to Black Ops: Cold War, Mauer der Toten (Wall of the Dead), and today we got a first glimpse of the map along with an interview with Craig Houston, the lead writer.

As we can see the teaser shows off more of the Berlin map including the Berlin wall that was seen within the campaign. There also appears to be a hellish train running through the map that drops off burning zombies, which is bad ass.

There is a small reference that we might see Kino remade in this map, which goes with the rumors that we have been hearing. Although it seems strange to have this new large map and to just plop Kino inside of it like they did with Die Maschine.

Overall, we like the look of the map and we are just happy to see a new round based survival map coming to Cold War zombies.

What did you think?


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