First Look at Mauer der Toten’s Wonder Weapons!

The hype is rising for the next round based zombies map in Cold War Zombies. We previously learned that Mule Kick will be returning and got a small teaser for the map. Well, today we have the first look at the new Wonder Weapons coming for the map.

Below is the schematic that is showing us an automatic pistol wonder weapon.


The three weapons on the right side are assumed to be the upgrades for the weapon. This already looks like a unique wonder weapon and we are really excited to see what it is like in the game. What steps will we have to do to earn these upgrades?

The next weapon that Treyarch teased is something that should be reminiscent for most zombies fans.


Any fan that hears the word Kazimir will automatically think about the Gersch device. Yes, it seems that this will be an equipment weapon that will open a portal to the Dark Aether and might suck enemies into it. This is a neat new version of the Gersch device and we can’t wait to see what it is like in the game!

Right before writing this post, Treyarch revealed another piece of the map.


Many people are saying that this is T.E.D.D, but it isn’t. We know for the side that this mannequin is deadly and can wield firearms, so it is most likely similar to the Civil Protector from Shadows of Evil. He will most likely be an additional NPC that you can buy to support you in the game.

We can’t wait to see that face shooting zombies with us.

What do you think? Are you excited to try these new weapons.


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