New Who’s Who in the Suicide Squad Clip

Hey everyone! With The Suicide Squad now less than a month away, James Gunn and the cast are starting to draw in hype for Task Force X’s next new film! Reviews started to filter out the other day as well and so far it’s received a stellar response from critics. Also, James Gunn released a 3-4 minute clip showcasing which DC villains are popping up in the film. Seems like we’ll be getting a few more unlikely characters making an appearance…

Check it out below!

It’s awesome to see Calendar Man and other obscure villains in this film. There are so many strange and bizarre characters in the DC Universe that you would never expect to see in the filmic universe and it’s about time they got a share of the limelight!

Who do you want to see in the Suicide Squad? Are any of them going to make it out of this movie alive? Tell us in the comments below!

Until next time…



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