REVIEW: DC’s Harleen

Hey everyone! If you couldn't discern from the title of this post, Rek will be reviewing DC's Black Label Harleen (2019) by Stjepan Sejic and is currently up for around $15.79 as a hardcover on Amazon when this post was written. So, let's start talking about the Mistress of Mayhem! So, to start this review,... Continue Reading →

DC’s Wondercon News

Hey everyone! Wondercon happened last weekend and whole lot of news was given to us. So, hold on because there is a lot to explain. Firstly, we got our first look at Stargirl for the DC Universe series and... BAM! It looks pretty awesome, escpecially that cosmic staff. It's also said to release in early... Continue Reading →

DC Shows News

Hey everyone! There was a breakthrough of news about the upcoming DC streaming service (DC Universe), so hold onto your seats. Firstly, we received a lot of logos for the shows being released. Titans Amazing! Can't wait! Young Justice: Outsiders Seppin is excited. Harley Quinn Can't Wait. And finally, the biggest head turner... Swamp Thing... Continue Reading →

Joker & Harley Quinn Movie News

We found out at Comic-Con that a Joker & Harley Quinn movie was in the works and now on the heels of the news that we were getting a stand alone Joker movie (sans Jared Leto) it looks like Warner Bros. is going full steam ahead with the superhero villain rom-com! Glenn Ficarra and John... Continue Reading →

Batman and Harley Quinn Trailer!

There is a new trailer out today, and sadly it isn't the one that we were expecting... It's better! The Batman and Harley Quinn Team Up movie has gotten it's first real trailer in an exclusive by Entertainment Weekly that you can go to and see here It's really neat how they were able to... Continue Reading →

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