The Flash Set Photos Reveal a Batman

Hey everyone! Some exciting news just popped up during the filming of The Flash where a certain Batman is gearing up on his Bat-Cycle and looking for a fight. As we all know now, there are multiple Batmen (Bats?) set to appear in The Flash as Barry is most likely going to mess with time given the Flashpoint rumors. Michael Keaton was spotted earlier this month on set and now a new Batman has popped up.

Check it out below!

Now, we can only speculate at this point given the terrible angles of some of these shots, but many believe this to be Ben Affleck’s Batman. He was also said to return in The Flash and it isn’t much of a stretch to say that this is his stunt double in this scene.

Are you all excited to see Ben Affleck’s Batman again? Do you want him to team up with Keaton’s Batman? Tell us all about your theories for The Flash in the comments below!

Until next time…



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