J.K. Simmons Returns as Commissioner Gordon in Batgirl?!

Hey everyone! Around noontime today, The Hollywood Reporter sent out a news article that’s been circling various comic book news sites and has everyone freaking out! If you didn’t read the title, J.K. Simmons is set to come back to the role of Commissioner Gordon in HBO Max’s Batgirl film. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Leslie Grace was casted for the role of Barbara Gordon so we were surprised to hear about a Jim Gordon quite so soon.

Of course, J.K. Simmons took on the role of James Gordon in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which, due to Warner Bros. decision making, has left the DC continuity up in the air for quite some time. Fans have already taken to question whether or not this represents hope for a Batfleck film on HBO Max or the future of the Snyderverse on the platform.

Perhaps it isn’t as big of a statement as it is being out to be… Still, it is good to see that Simmons is getting another chance to perform the role and take on the criminals of Gotham.

What do you all think? Are you happy with the news that Simmons is returning or not? Did you want to see someone else? Tell us about in the comments below!

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