New Predator Movie in the Works

There appears to be a new Predator movie in the works! As of right now we only know a little bit about the story and the title. The title of the upcoming Predator film is called Skull…

Well, its not the most interesting title. However, the story that we know so far is intriguing. We know now that it will be an origin story of how the Predators came to Earth. Insiders claim, that the film will have a Revenant vibe as it follows a female lead with a native American tribe taking on the Predators.

The Cast for Shane Black's The Predator is Kind of Insane - COMET TV Sci-fi  Network

This is quite unique and vastly different from other Predator films. We would be lying if we said that it didn’t interest us. However, the Predator franchise tends to burn its fans so we remain skeptical.

Overall, we are interested to see the future of this project and how it will look in the end.

What do you think? Are you interested in this film?


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