What’s Next for Cold War Zombies?

I have written several posts within the last few months talk about Call of Duty zombies and the most recent adaptation, Black Ops: Cold War. We just got a strong new map in Mauer der Toten and all we can do is speculate as to what will come next.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Zombies – The Story So Far

What is next for Cold War zombies?

Well, the most recent Easter egg cutscene teased that Requiem team is safe and ready of future missions. However, it also showed us that the director of Requiem cannot be trusted and seems to be spying on us and Samantha Maxis. Although we don’t know as of yet who the director of Requiem is, there are many rumors speculating past characters like Richtofen and Hudson. These rumors don’t have any solid evidence as of yet, but we are still wondering where is the new Richtofen.

Personally, I doubt he is leading Requiem. It just doesn’t make any sense for his character or for any version of Richtofen to do something like this. (Even though it harkens back to Ultimis Richtofen‘s grand scheme) Sure, he is always looking for power. However, the director of Requiem just doesn’t seem right, in my opinion.

I believe that we will instead be seeing a new character acting out behind the scenes screwing with Requiem and Maxis.

This is also what I would hope the next map would be like. I want the next map set up something big that would disrupt Requiem team similar to how they were previously captured by Kravchenko. Instead this time we would see the team lose communication with HQ and be forced to act without contact. All of this would be the work of the director and although the characters would not yet realize his involvement yet, it would be the stepping stone for their investigation into who is pulling the strings.

As for what I would like to see, there was a rumor that Requiem would crash in New York and get stuck fighting in the big apple. I think that this would be a great map to do this in. Especially with it taking place on American soil, something that isn’t common for zombies maps.

Overall, there is so much I want to see in the future of Cold War zombies. Many players have been doubting the release of a fourth map. I am worried as well, with the next Call of Duty, WW2: Vanguard, approaching. This could be then end to Cold War’s life cycle.

What do you think of my idea?

I also want to see Richtofen pop up at the end of Cold War, but I don’t like the idea of him as Requiem’s director. Hopefully Treyarch and Craig Houston kill it with the story just like they did with Mauer der Toten.

Us Lore hounds need more from Cold War!!!

Thank you!


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