Our Top Five Least Favorite Resident Evil Villains

Hey everyone! Today is a bit slack on news, so Rek figured he would write up a top five for the worst antagonists in the Resident Evil franchise. In the survival horror series, characters like Albert Wesker, Nemesis, and Mother Miranda’s four lords all standout after we played through the games last year. Then, there are these disappointments…

I would like to note before we get started that I based this list off of the main games and the Revelations series. So, you won’t likely see anyone from Resident Evil: Dead Aim, Survivor, Outbreak, or anything like that. Mostly because they would probably dominate this list.

Let’s get it started!

5. Ricardo Irving

Ricardo Irving appears in Resident Evil 5, which I’m going to be straight up say that I have a bit of a gripe with. I know its contrary to popular opinion, but I wasn’t a big fan of the game.

*yelling ensues*

Now, with that out of the way. The character is meant to be this under-the-table Bioweapon dealer who works for the TRICELL Corporation. His presence kind of works in the game, but his character is beyond odd. He presents himself with this crackhead energy that is bizarre and the voice acting is just weird. Really weird.

Thankfully, he is killed off early on in the game. His boss fight is kind of fun and that is the only bright side that saves him from being higher up on this list.

4. Excella Gionne

Excella Gionne also shows up in Resident Evil 5 as this wealthy business woman who solely funds and controls a large portion of TRICELL’s assets. She also, supposedly, helps with TRICELL’s experimentation with the t-virus. However, her involvement in the project is absolutely diminished by Wesker’s villainous role in the game. Besides that, she’s clearly just a sex symbol created by Capcom. Not anything new for them…

She’s sort of just lost in the story and that leaves her at number four.

3. Ramon Salazar

Although I am a fan of Resident Evil 4, I had to put this annoying little shit on the list.

By the way, he is not a kid. He is not an old man. On the wiki, it says he freaking 20 years old!

He rules over this entire village and is an absolute brat. He calls Leon on multiple occasions with stupid remarks too. There is nothing more satisfying than his boss fight near the end of the game and you put that kid down once and for all.

2. Jessica Sherrawat

Jessica Sherrawat appears in everyone’s favorite T.V. serial, Resident Evil: Revelations. Like Excella Gione, it appears that she will be another sex symbol since most of her dialogue is her flirting with Chris Redfield. Then, what a surprise, she’s a mole in the BSAA who betrays everyone near the last episode. Although she doesn’t have the worst dialogue in the game, that belongs to Quint’s “He’s quoting Dante” line, her lines are almost just as bad.

1. The Family

This one was a bit difficult of a decision since I originally placed Simmons at the top of the list. However, I decided that since he was included in the Family, that I’d discuss this big letdown. Firstly though, with Simmons being the only character whom we are certain is part of the Family, then I want to discuss why he is a bad villain. Resident Evil 6 is a controversial pick and has actually had a renaissance in the years after its heated release. Still, the character of Derek Simmons pales in comparison to characters in the franchise like Nemesis or Wesker. He is… just a creep. He literally has a clone made of Ada for his own freaky fascination.

Beyond that, the Family, to me, represents this big letdown for the series after Resident Evil 6. It seemed to be heading in an interesting direction for the franchise. Of course, I’m happy with Biohazard and Village, but there is no connection to this Family that was teased and who knows if we’ll ever hear anything about them again…

I hope you all enjoyed this list! What are your favorite Resident Evil villains? Any that you just can’t stand? Tell us in the comments below!

Until next time…



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