Will Tobey’s Spider-Man kill in No Way Home?

This title may feel like it is coming out of thin air, but it is a part of a bigger theory I have about the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. Of course, I do not want Tobey’s Spider-Man to kill in the film, but there is a strange piece of evidence that points in that direction. That evidence is the graffiti from the Morbius trailer that feels like so long ago now.

Morbius' Trailer Appears to Tease Live-Action Spider-Verse

When this came out, we all assumed that someone at Sony made an error and put the wrong Spider-Man suit on the wall. It was even stranger with the word, murderer plastered over our favorite web-head.

However, now we know that Tobey’s Spider-Man will be returning in No Way Home. We also know that Morbius takes place after No Way Home and may contain secrets as to what will happen at the end of the movie. Perhaps this is a secret hint that Sony planted in our minds that Tobey will be accused of or commit a murder in this film!

Side Note: I also mention that he may be accused of murder because it wouldn’t surprise me that Norman Osborn may try to frame Tobey’s Spider-Man.

Overall, I think there is an interesting connection to be made between Morbius‘ trailer and what we know is going to happen in No Way Home as it could possibly give us clues for what is to come from the future of Sony’s Spider-Verse.

What do you think?


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