Stargirl S2 Episode 5 Promo

Hey everyone! CW’s Stargirl is in full swing now as Courtney and her young JSA team stare into the face of pure evil in yet another new TV promo for episode 5. Titled “Summer School: Chapter Five,” Courtney and Pat argue over the right way to apprehend Eclipso while the team tries to protect the school from more threats!

Check out the promo below!

Hopefully this team will be able to get their heads set on straight before they face Eclipso! A lot of moving pieces right now and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

So, what are your thoughts on this second season of Stargirl? Any theories you want to share? We’ll have more thoughts on this season in the weeks to come! Till then, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time…



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