Netflix’s First Bright: Samurai Soul Anime Trailer

Hey everyone! Finally, Netflix has just sent out the very first trailer for its upcoming anime series Bright: Samurai Soul, the long awaited spinoff from David Ayer’s Netflix film Bright. Confirmed as the English dubbed protagonist in the voice cast, Shang-Chi star Simu Liu is Izou, a scarred up samurai. Izou is partnered up with Raiden, an Orc, and Sonya, a young elf with a powerful wand said to control the Northern Lands.

Check it out below!

It’s been a while since Bright‘s release in 2017, but it is nice to see that Netflix is expanding on this fantasy-modern world. The art style uses 3D computer graphics which seems a bit jarring but, besides that, it will be interesting to see more spinoffs in the future.

Also, they confirmed the release date for October 12th, so keep an eye out for it!

So, what do you all think of Bright: Samurai Soul? Do you like the 3DCG art style for this anime series? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time…



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