New Dune Featurette with Denis Villeneuve

Hey everyone! A bit of a slow day for news, so we thought we would post this recent featurette that came out from the team behind Dune where director Denis Villeneuve discusses some behind the scenes talk. All of us here at SeppinRek are super excited to see this film as its looking to be one of the greatest films this year!

Check out the featurette below!

This is only the beginning.

Just a short little video with most of the same clips we’ve seen in previous teasers, but its cool to see how much effort the crew put into making this sci-fi adventure come to life on the screen.

They also sent out a list of the dates when the film will be premiering around the world. Some of us will be lucky enough to see it at the end of this week…

Dune, Dune Premiere, Dune Premiere Dates

So, what are you all hoping to see in this new Dune adaptation? Are you going to see it in theatres or will you be watching it on HBO Max? Let us know in the comments below!

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