First Teaser Trailer for Nightmare Alley!

Hey everyone! We’ve been watching this next Guillermo del Toro film, Nightmare Alley, for a little bit now and it has finally come out with the very first official teaser trailer. Stills came out yesterday featuring the leading cast members; Bradley Cooper, Rooney Mara, Willem Dafoe, and Cate Blanchet. It looks like it might be shaping up to be a unique noir film if it actually comes out in December.

It’s takes inspiration from the similarly titled novel by author William Lindsay Gresham. The novel was previously adapted in 1947 by director Edmund Goulding and starred Tyrone Power in the lead role.

Check out the trailer below!

We loved this trailer! The carnival atmosphere, the noir feel, the characters! Is he man or beast?! Awesome!

Synopsis: An ambitious carny with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is.

So, what did you all think of the Nightmare Alley teaser? Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts on del Toro’s new noir film in the comments below!

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