What is MJ’s future after Spider-Man: No Way Home?

This post may sound a little strange for Spider-Man fans and people looking forward to No Way Home.

However, I think it is important to talk about MJ because Zendaya has really taken up the character and made her own version stand out within the recent films.

Previously, I had talked about the future of Spider-Man in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, but what is next for MJ in the SSU?

Love Peter/MJ Relationship in Spider-Man: No way Home Trailer

Sadly, we don’t have much besides the trailer to go on as of writing this. We can see that Peter and MJ are growing their relationship and they are dealing with the fallout of his identity being revealed. Interestingly, she becomes the person that Peter turns to for help instead of Ned or his aunt within the trailer. This shows how much closer the two have come since we last saw them.

However, there is a big plot point in the film and that is Peter’s secret Identity returning through Dr. Strange’s spell. Will this affect MJ?

Peter seems concerned instantly about this and brings it up. Will MJ forget about all they have been through and they will be sent to square one?

Personally, I don’t like this because it feels like we just got them together and it would suck to have them break apart so soon.

Instead, I believe that we will see MJ become the only person to know his identity. In the comics, Peter made everyone forget too. But, they were allowed to remember if Peter took off his mask in front of that person. It would be really sweet for Peter’s only way of reminding her is by showing up to her as Spider-Man and taking off the mask.

Overall, I would love to see MJ become the only person who knows Peter’s identity for the future of the SSU. I like the idea of them sharing a little secret and that brings them closer together.

What do you think?


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