Director Leaks New Flash Set Photo

Hey everyone! It’s a bit of a late day at SeppinRek, but we were in luck to find out that director Andy Muschietti sent out a brand new set photo from his upcoming DC’s Flash film. The image highlights the Batman 1989 suit that we had seen previously, however; the suit has been vandalized and spray painted red with the Flash logo on his chest instead of the Bat symbol.

Check it out below!

Flash, The Flash, Flash Set Photo, Andy Muschietti

Not exactly sure why anyone would screw with Michael Keaton’s Batman suit, but I guess that we’re just going to have to find out in the future. Maybe we’ll hear more at DC FanDome…

So, what did you all think of this set photo? Are you excited to hear more of the Flash film at DC’s online event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time…



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