Happy Batman Day!

Hey everyone! It’s Batman Day and to celebrate the world’s greatest detective’s holiday, we thought we’d do a quick post collecting some of the Dark Knight’s greatest moments! This year saw the rise of a new Batman flying through Gotham’s streets in the comics, the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and the animated adaptation of a fan favorite, The Long Halloween. The year is not yet over and Matt Reeves’ The Batman has many caped crusader fans excited for yet another interpretation on the big screen.

From 1939 to 2021, the Batman has evolved over the years and his stories have spread across the world to inspire many. From being a solo act, to growing an entire Bat Family, to even leading the Justice League. Batman has amassed a wide repertoire as detective, vigilante, and hero.

The character has been adapted a dozen times over to screen. First being portrayed by Lewis Wilson in 1943, now Robert Pattinson responds to the Bat Signal in the upcoming film.

From the spectacular Batman: The Animated Series, to the countless DC Animated films like The Long Halloween and the soon-to-be-released DC’s Injustice film.

Today is a day to celebrate the long running legacy of the Dark Knight and to remember all of his stories which has taught us to be better.

And lastly…

Have a great Batman Day everyone!

Until next time…



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