Top Five Minor Threads We Want to Continue in Spider-Man No Way Home!

Hey everyone, I know that this is a long title for a post, but we are beginning to scratch the bottom of the barrel for Spider-Man content as we approach the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, there is still one thing we need to talk about before this movie releases.

So, what am I defining as minor threads. Well, it could be minor characters getting their return or it could be a theme or on-running gag that we would love to come back for this film. We came up with a ton of ideas for this list, so it was really hard to limit it just to five, but here they are.

5. Mr. Ditkovich

Jesus Christ. Elya Baskin is such an incredible actor. Look at his eyes!  Those are the eyes of a man who hasn't recieved the rent. You can just see  how much pain

This is probably going to be the most unlikely part of this list, but it would be really funny to see the return of Mr. Ditkovich. Peter’s foreign neighbor was a really funny addition to Raimi’s films considering that his name was just supposed to be a reference to Spider-Man’s other creator, Steve Ditko. However, Raimi had plans to reveal Mr. Ditkovich as a retired Kraven the hunter at some point. This has always been a fascinating story thread and I am curious if they would bring him back.

Please, we deserve more Ditkovich.

4. The Web Shooters

Spider-Man 3 Star Tom Holland Admits Andrew Garfield's Web-Shooters Never  Made Sense to Him

Alright, we have already heard so many leaks about the movie dwelling into this topic, but it is important to talk about. Each of our Spider-Man’s have a different way they shoot their webbing. Andrew and Tom both have web shooter’s but they are both really different in design. And then there is Tobey. Don’t you think it would be funny to hear the other two Spider-Men react and joke about Tobey’s webs coming from his body. It’s just a unique characteristic between the Spider-Men.

3. Andrew’s Search for Answers

How Spider-Man Got His 'Amazing' New Costume - MTV

We have talk about our love of Andrew’s Spider-Man before and one of the plot threads that was lost in the shift was Andrew’s focus on solving his parent’s death. Both scenes were very interesting and it is a shame that we will never know what the plans were for this mystery. Andrew deserves to solve this or at least to get some closure.

2. Rhino

Paul Giamatti Is Fine Not Returning As Rhino In The MCU

Okay, this post is a little late to the party, but could we get Paul Giamatti back as Rhino. He was funny and absolutely the perfect casting for the character. I said that we are late tot eh party because the Morbius trailer showed that a version of Rhino is on the run and wouldn’t it be perfect to reveal that his Rhino has made it out of the multiverse as well. Plus it would be great to actually see a proper fight between him and Andrew’s Spider-Man rather than teasing us again.

1. Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell Says He Was Never Playing Mysterio In Spider-Man 4

“No one will be seated after the doors are closed. It helps maintain the illusion.”

How could he not be number one. Bruce Campbell’s character is the biggest tease and plot thread throughout all of the Raimi films. The fact that he was supposed to be Mysterio means that he is another Spider-Man villain that could possibly return. Even though I love Jake Gyllenhaal’s version of the character, I would die to see Campbell come in and torment Tobey’s Spider-Man in a future film…

You know, if they wanted to do a Spider-Man 4…

Maybe throw in Miles…

It just sounds like Sony printing money….

What do you think about this list? What do you want to see return?



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