New York Comic Con Titans Trailer!

So, we are finally getting some news for DC Universe's streaming app and what their plans are for all of their original shows. We will have the official slate up in a few minutes, but first, we want to show you this amazing trailer for Titans. It may be the best look that we have... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines coming in 2019

It seems that we are going to be getting even more wonder woman next year because Warner Bros. has announced that an animated film, Wonder Woman: Bloodline, will be coming out next year before Patty Jenkin's film. It is great to see WB starting to add different films to their lineup instead of just Batman... Continue Reading →

New Bumblebee Poster!

Bumblebee is rocking San Diego tonight! First, we've got this awesome poster that really hypes up the movie version of the character. We really like this poster and love the tone it is setting for the film. Next, we got a cool trailer for Bumblebee, but sadly the trailer isn't out yet!     ~Seppin... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man PS4 SDCC Trailer!

We have a new trailer for the Spiderman game coming to PS4. It is super amazing and gives us the marvel universe that we always wanted from a video game. It appears that Silver Sable is going to play an important part. She seems to have been hired by Mayor Norman Osborn to kill Spiderman.... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns!

Star Wars: The Clone wars was a great show that was sadly cancelled after the fifth season. This left many fans saddened after seeing no conclusion to the epic tale that takes place in the prequels. Although many dislike the prequels, Star Wars the Clone wars was a perfect show that is often tossed aside... Continue Reading →

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