First Official The Mandalorian Poster

Hey everyone! Ahead of D23, Disney released the first official poster for its upcoming Disney + show. Check it out below! It definitely sets the tone of the show in that single image! Supposedly, the show takes place five years after the events of Return of The Jedi. Jon Favreau sounds super excited for this... Continue Reading →

EA Shows Star Wars Gameplay

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you guys on the EA event at E3 today. They just showed some interesting footage for their new game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I think they could probably remove Star Wars from the title and it would sell just as well, but maybe I'm wrong. Check it out... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns!

Star Wars: The Clone wars was a great show that was sadly cancelled after the fifth season. This left many fans saddened after seeing no conclusion to the epic tale that takes place in the prequels. Although many dislike the prequels, Star Wars the Clone wars was a perfect show that is often tossed aside... Continue Reading →

Top Five Star Wars Spinoffs

Welcome to our new top five for Thursday. Today we are going to be writing about our picks for the best Star Wars spin-offs that we want.   5. Darth Vader Besides the fact that the Darth Vader Comic is the best one since the Marvel reboot, and that he is known as the best villain... Continue Reading →

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