Thursday Top Five Special Edition: Top Five Siths


Today we are going to be listing our top picks for Star Wars sith lords. These are opinions and if you have any others to add, comment below.

Let’s do this!


5. Count Dooku


Rek: Count Dooku was shown as one of the major sith lords in the prequels and took on three Jedi by himself. He also trained Qui Gon Jinn before turning turning to the dark side. He makes our list simply because he took on Yoda and survived!

Seppin: Dude was trained by the emperor and he was able to knock out Obi Wan. He also fought Yoda and he seemed like he had some pretty decent power. He met his death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker though under Palpatine’s not so subtle coaxing.


4. Darth Maul


Rek: Darth Maul made it on our list despite being shown in the unfortunate episode one known as The Phantom Menace. He took on two Jedi, Que Gon and Obi Wan, and he was the Emperor’s apprentice for a long time. You also can’t go wrong with a double sided lightsaber. In the continuing Star Wars story line, he survived the fall, got new legs, and became a very powerful sith who continues to take on Jedi left and right.

Seppin: He was the first one to show us the dual sided lightsaber, not to mention he looks really cool. He killed Liam Neeson. Need we say more?


3. Darth Revan


Rek: Darth Revan is from the Old Republic, which both Seppin and I feel that they should have focused on for the new Star Wars movie arc, but back to the topic. Revan used to be a powerful Jedi, but turned to the dark side during the Jedi Civil War. He chose this path, with other Jedi, because he felt like he needed to join the war effort and not sit idly by watching. Then he started the Knights of Revan and his turn towards the dark side grew exponentially.

Seppin: He’s basically the leader of the cult known as the sith. The Republic even thought he wasn’t that bad when he was partially a sith. During the Jedi Civil War, he went to Coruscant and recruited an army before taking them into battle. It was a great conquest and he took over many systems. The Republic cheered his efforts, but the Jedi council did not approve of his actions since he left the order.


2. Emperor Palpatine


Rek: Unlimited power! He’s just the poster child for evil. He was able to infiltrate the Jedi council and the Republic Senate without causing any suspicion. He’s trained a lot of sith’s, of course the most famous being Anakin Skywalker, and he defeated Yoda in a most spectacular way. In the end his greatest triumph turned into his own demise as Vader threw him into the depths of the Death Star after torturing Luke Skywalker.

Seppin: He’s a sneaky little womp rat. He’s the master. The one they could almost never get. In the comics, he’s still alive, or we believe he is, but regardless, his training of so many sith cannot be overlooked.


1. Darth Vader


Rek: Does anyone else hear the Darth Vader music whenever you see his picture and also the masked heavy breathing or is it just me?

Darth Vader is the most iconic sith lord. Period. End of Story. He killed a lot of padawans and brought the Jedi to their knees as he turned to the dark side. In the end though, he was coaxed back to the light by his son Luke and died a Jedi.

Seppin: The obvious number one pick… I think Rek covered it all. He’s the most powerful Jedi and Sith. His midichlorian count is the highest we know of in Star Wars.


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  1. Where do you think Darth Bane would fit in? The guy created the rule of 2 and obliterated an entire forest with a force bomb. Great post!


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