SeppinRek’s Review for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer




You asked, we delivered! Today we are going to review the new Star Wars trailer with our shot by shot analysis. We are going to be honest. The first few trailers felt more like the studio was catering to the fans, which is great, but it didn’t excite us for some reason. We also want to add that we were initially bummed out because we here at SeppinRek really, really, wanted the Old Republic stories, which in our opinion are some of the best Star Wars stories created.

The final trailer definitely delivers and we are now pretty hyped up for the movie.

Check out the trailer below




As you can see, we have a lot to discuss!



Our first shot is of a scavenger. We now know that it is one of the main characters, Rey. We do not know her back story, but she is obviously important because she is one of the major stars in the film.



IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0608


The next few images show her scavenging a long forgotten star destroyer. In the trailer, we hear a voice asking her who she is, and we assume that it is Maz Kanata.

Maz is a female pirate and we think she is the new Jabba the Hut, meaning she is some kind of gangster, but we have no idea what she looks like yet. All we know is that she is a CGI created character.



Here we have Rey and her sidekick, BB-8. I want to point out that it looks very similar to Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars as he is looking out towards the sand dunes.

We also hear Rey answer that she is nobody…okay, we all know when someone says that, they’re somebody!

IMG_0610 IMG_0611

There is something coming over the sand dunes and it looks like a space ship. We see Rey looking at it with longing. Again, we think they are portraying her much like Luke Skywalker. We know the planet she is on is called Jakku. It is a desert planet located in the outer rim and is home to thieves, pirates, and scavengers.

Hmm, a desert planet located in the outer rim that is home to thieves…does that sound familiar? I’m not being rude to J.J.. Everyone needs inspiration.



This is very Hitler, Nazi-esque. It looks very similar to the original Star Wars. We can see Kylo Ren standing before the Stormtroopers. They are calling it the first domain, which picks up the remains of the empire. What is their main objective? We do not know, but we can only assume that it is galactic conquest.



My man, John Boyega! Our other main character and we here at SeppinRek are super happy that Boyega was cast. We want to point out that before takes his helmet off there looks to be blood on it. It might also be rust so we are not going to speculate too much right now.


IMG_0614 IMG_0615

We can see that Finn is a Stormtrooper that is lost as his Tie fighter breaks away from a star destroyer and he goes rogue.

“I was raised to do one thing, but I’ve got nothing to fight for.”

He is in the desert and it looks very much like the planet Rey is on. Is this where they meet?



IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0618

Here we see a good shot of Kylo Ren talking. We know that Ren is a huge Darth Vadar fan and follower. We’re going to call him from here on out the Darth fanboy. He strives to finish what Vadar started. I think he is going to be an anti-hero because we have another villain ( we’ll get to that later), also I am going to call it right now, he is Han Solo and Leia’s son.

Rek thinks he is just a hyped up villain who looks awesome and will probably last all three movies. He don’t see him as an anti-hero though.



IMG_0619 IMG_0620 IMG_0621

Here we see Ren torturing Poe Dameron. You may remember him as Swamp Rat guy. He was a pilot in the resistance and his one great line was to Luke referencing that it was just like shooting swamp rats at home.  Ren looks like he is using the force, but there are no siths ( or are there?)…except of course if he really is a Jedi, and Leia’s son then that’s how he could have gotten his start. The last shot is interesting because they strung together this torture scene with a quick glimpse of a forest getting blown to bits.

So the big question is where did Kylo Ren learn the dark arts and from whom?

There has been no confirmation of a villain and it seems like they want to make Ren the main bad guy, but we have to believe that there is a powerful sith skulking around somewhere calling the shots, much like the Emperor.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623

Let’s point out these awesome scenes of the Millennium Falcon in battle. Han Solo’s ship seems to be flying twenty times better than it did. Do we have Chewbacca to thank for this?



IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0626

“There are stories about what happened?” Rey.

“It’s true. All of it.” Han

So it seems that news doesn’t travel fast in the galaxy and let’s share a laugh. Remember when we first met Han? He basically threw shade about the Jedi and magic. Here he is quite the believer!

Okay, so how do Rey and Finn end up with Han? They look to be on the Falcon. Did Han meet up with them on Jakku?

We also want to point out the third picture. It’s just a cool shot of them going into hyper space. Classic Star Wars.




Is this the Knights of Ren or just Ren with his shadow troopers? Notice his super amazing lightsaber that everyone likes…and wants.



We have to point out that the battle scenes look awesome. They seem more realistic…better than the ill fated prequels.



I just want to say that they are really pushing the new Battlefront game.



This shot looks pretty cool. We don’t know what planet this on or who is winning the battle, but again, the quality of the action scenes are amazing.


IMG_0632 IMG_0633

I want to talk about these two shots for a moment. Obviously, the new republic military is gearing up for battle and Finn has joined. He is talking to Poe Dameron and he looks weary. We think Finn was there when Poe was tortured by Kylo Ren. Now, Poe would not recognize Finn because he was wearing his stormtrooper mask, but was this the last straw for Finn? Did the torture of Poe Dameron make Finn realize that this wasn’t what he was fighting for?

It also seems like the pilot suits haven’t changed very much…like at all. I mean c’mon guys, it’s been thirty years.




We have no idea what gets blown up here. We can see that Finn and Rey, along with BB-8, is present for this very Mad Max like explosion.



Han, Finn, Rey and BB-8 are entering a building. We see that there are a lot of flags displayed. Could this be our new senate building? Han seems to know the place pretty well.



R2! Oh, and who is that next to him with the robotic hand? Interestingly enough this is our only shot of Luke in the final trailer and we can’t even see his face. Why is Luke cloaked and where are they? It looks like Ben Kenobi’s cave, but we’re just speculating. We know from the first trailer that Luke states, “The force is strong in my family. My father had it. I have it. My sister has it and you will too.”

Okay, so, who else has it? Is this Luke talking to a young Kylo Ren or Rey???

We don’t know for sure, but I do also want to throw Finn’s name in the potential Skywalker game.

We can also safely assume that Luke will be mentoring future Jedi’s.


First good look at a Shadow Trooper. What do we know about Shadow troopers? They usually are armed with dark suits which are fashioned with a cloaking device. So we get some invisible troops. Pretty cool…except if you are a part of the new republic army.



Okay, this is the execution theory. The first shot we can see Kylo Ren bringing down the lightsaber hammer on someone that we can’t see. Who does he kill?

Second shot we see Rey crying over a body. Is this person dead or wounded and who is it???

Here at SeppinRek, we think that she is crying over Chewie’s body. You can just make out his ever present ammunition holster that he has always worn. The body also looks to have fur on it. Are we going to say goodbye to our favorite Wookie, who is also the last Wookie in existence?

Now, if this true, we’re putting it out there that this will probably seriously, not only piss Han off into a rage, but it will also break a lot of fan’s hearts. We hope we’re wrong, but we won’t know until the movie.



This is a familiar scene. Han and Chewie caught doing something, but you can just make out that Finn is with them to the left. We can also see fire and smoke in the background.



Poe Dameron flying an X-Wing into battle. We think they may be on the planet Hoth.



Storm troopers piling out off an imperial ship. They are getting shot at as they run into battle.

We don’t want to sound rude, but we can only hope they aren’t as dumb as they were in the original movies.



Rey firing a blaster and boy, does she look angry.

This could be in response to the death of Chewie…just sayin’.




Another epic battle scenes. We believe it is on one of the new J.J. Abrams created planets that you got to play in Battlefront called Sullust.



This is a shot of Kylo Ren and he looks to be using the force.



Our one and only look at Leia. She and Han are embracing. Leia looks pretty upset. This could be for several reasons. Maybe she’s upset her son has gone to the dark side? Or maybe she is upset about the death of Chewie…by her son? Or maybe she is just having a moment before battle. We do know she is the General of the new republic and she could just be upset about the upcoming bloodshed that may occur.


IMG_0647 IMG_0648

Our man John Boyega’s got himself a lightsaber! Now, we know that you do not have to be a Jedi to wield a lightsaber so we do not know if Finn has the power of the force or if he is just using whatever weapon he could find to fight Kylo Ren.

Okay, where did Finn get the lightsaber? Did he get it from Luke because Luke can sense people with the force? Whatever the case may be, this looks to be a pretty major battle and it also reminds us of the first time that Luke faces Darth Vadar all by himself.

We don’t know any backstory about Finn. He doesn’t either. Finn does not remember much from his childhood, nor does he know his name. He usually goes by his trooper number.

I know that we are stretching here, but how awesome would it be if he was Mace Windu’s son???




Fantastic final trailer. We still do not know much about the plot since it has been a heavily guarded secret.

May the force be with you…




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