NEW Batman the Animated Series?!

I can't believe this is happening! We are finally getting a new Batman animated series! It is going to be a new show that will be on HBO Max and Cartoon Network and it is being helmed by Matt Reeves, Bruce Timm and J.J. Abrams Immediately after hearing that, I am sure that you can... Continue Reading →

Batman: The Animated Series VR

It looks like Seppin has another item to add to his Christmas list. Batman: The Animated Series is coming to a Mattel’s View-Master VR Viewer, the toy company announced today through a partnership with Warner Bros. and the use of OTOY Inc cinematic rendering technology. “OTOY is the perfect partner to create new VR content... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Top Five: Voice Actors

A top five? Yes, we have slacked off on one of our most popular website articles, but we are back! Today we are going to discuss our top five favorite voice actors for animation and video games. We do want to put out a disclaimer and say that we are excluding any actors from Batman:... Continue Reading →

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