Madame Xanadu HBO Max Series in Development!

Wow, we were not expecting this. After hearing that both John Constantine and Zatanna are going to be receiving shows on HBO Max, we were expecting one of the other major characters to get a show as well. Yes, another show to tie into the Justice League Dark team that J.J. Abrams is piecing together... Continue Reading →

HBO Max Orders 3 Shows From J.J. Abrams

Hey everyone! Hope everybody is surviving the quarantine alright. We've got some really good new to share today, so buckle up! HBO Max Orders 3 New Shows Confirmed by Hollywood Reporter, Warnermedia has ordered three shows to the upcoming new streaming service, HBO Max. The shows detailed are Duster, a series in the 1970's about... Continue Reading →

CW Developing a Traci 13 Show!

Who? That was the first question that most Arrowverse fans ask whenever a new character is introduced because they love to grab the background characters and make them more known. She is a "Homo Magi", which is a human that can use sorcery. She has also been known as Girl 13 and appeared in several... Continue Reading →

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