Madame Xanadu HBO Max Series in Development!

Wow, we were not expecting this. After hearing that both John Constantine and Zatanna are going to be receiving shows on HBO Max, we were expecting one of the other major characters to get a show as well. Yes, another show to tie into the Justice League Dark team that J.J. Abrams is piecing together on HBO Max.

However, none of us predicted Madame Xanadu would be getting a show. This is an interesting choice because she acts as a bridge and leader to connect the whole team together, so perhaps her show will see her meeting these other characters or give her an origin.

We also know that the title of the show is going to be Madame X, which is a cool abbreviation that we like and that J.J. Abrams and Angela Robinson are working together to develop this new DC show!

This is all that we have at the moment, but we are super excited to see these new Justice League Dark shows and how they will connect with the rest of the team. Who else will get a show? Deadman? Swamp Thing Season 2?

What do you think?


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