Read David Ayer’s Statement

No, really. Read David Ayer's statement that he sent out yesterday on Twitter in response to the recent beratement of various critics on the 2016's Suicide Squad due to the release of Gunn's The Suicide Squad on the horizon. The studio's influence in DC films has now been made overwhelmingly apparent with the epic that... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad deserves the Ayer Cut!

There has been a lot of news lately about Zack Snyder's Justice League and the massive accomplishment that fans have made by gathering together to save this version of the film, but there is another film that hasn't gotten the support that it deserves yet. #ReleaseTheAyerCut is a hashtag to support the release of the... Continue Reading →

Bright Netflix trailer

The first Bright trailer has finally come out of SDCC 2017. Bright is a netflix series by David Ayer and stars Will Smith. It is about a modern world with orcs and elves and stuff. Just check it out!   That is surprisingly super cool! What do you think?       ~Seppin ~Rek

David Ayer Hints at Black Mask!

So, 24 hours ago, David Ayer Movies tweeted out this image of Black Mask and said nothing else. Could this possibly mean that Black Mask is going to be the main villain for the Gotham City Sirens movie? We don't know. This could just be a complete ruse to lead fans off the truth. Do... Continue Reading →

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