Dwayne Johnson teases another look at Black Adam

We have been loving all of these teases for Black Adam and with the last week of filming upon us it is only natural that we would be getting a new look at Black Adam and the film. https://www.instagram.com/p/CROH7YVLD_F/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link This is the most of the suit that we have seen yet and we love the... Continue Reading →

The Shazam Family reveals New Suits!

Another suit reveal! Wow, let's check it out! https://twitter.com/ponysmasher/status/1406957456085880833/photo/1 Director David Sandberg tweeted out a full look at the Shazam Family's new suits for the sequel today! Wow, they all look great, we love the new designs with the gold and the colors that pop out. To be honest, we think that Shazam is the... Continue Reading →

We need a Ben Affleck Batman movie!

There is a lot of excitement right now for DC movie fans after the confirmation of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Interestingly enough, this has caused much discussion in Warner Brothers about previous projects that were shot down within Zack Snyder's visionary plan. Perhaps the film that has gathered the most discussion is Ben Affleck's Batman... Continue Reading →

SDCC 2019 Schedule

Hey everyone! It's almost that time of year again where comic fans around the world come together and geek out. It's pretty exciting with a lot of news coming out, which we will attempt to post proceeding their announcement. In order to prepare for the event, you can check out the schedule below. If you're... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman Pushed Back

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update on Wonder Woman 1984. Seems that it's been pushed back from it's original release date of November 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020. What do you guys think about having to wait a little longer for WW84? Tell us in the comments below. Until next... Continue Reading →

New Shots of Shazam and Aquaman

Hey everyone! Empire magazine released a few new looks at both Aquaman and Shazam. Spoiler: One of them might have Doctor Sivana in it. Check them out below! That looks awesome! Pretty sure that's King Atlan... What do you guys think of the images? Excited? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time...  ... Continue Reading →

DC News Show Coming to DC Universe

Hey everyone! DC just announced that, to follow up with all DC Universe has to offer, they are going to do a show for everything DC. It will be news show for “all things DC,” DC Daily is set to offer news and insights on upcoming DC projects, comics, TV, and movies. Plus DC Universe exclusives, as... Continue Reading →

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