Playstation 5 Console Reveal!

Great News Everyone! Sony has revealed the design for their Playstation 5 and it look sleek and sexy. The console follows the earlier teased controller as it uses white as its predominant color. It has got a killer look and we are excited to get our hands on one. Check out the reveal below: Continue Reading →

PS5 The Future of Gaming is today!

Great news everyone, we are finally going to get our first look at the Playstation 5's games. It isn't confirmed if we will get an actually glimpse of the console, but with an expected holiday release this year, the announcement and showcase should definitely be soon. As for when and where you can see this... Continue Reading →

EA Shows Star Wars Gameplay

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you guys on the EA event at E3 today. They just showed some interesting footage for their new game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I think they could probably remove Star Wars from the title and it would sell just as well, but maybe I'm wrong. Check it out... Continue Reading →

E3 2019 Schedule

Hey everyone! E3 is right around the corner and, hopefully, it'll bring a lot of awesome games and trailers. We figured that it would be a good idea to put the schedule up on the blog in case any of you will be there or just waiting for a livestream of it to pop up.... Continue Reading →

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