Square Enix’s Marvel Avengers Trailer

Hey everyone! Yesterday, Square Enix had a mediocre convention (except for Final Fantasy fans) and we feel like just putting out there new Marvel Avengers game trailer on the blog. I’m sure you can find there other stuff elsewhere. Now, onto the trailer!

It doesn’t look that bad. We’re pretty divisive about it right now. Seppin likes and Rek not so much.

I think that it needs more of a polishing, but that’s what comes with the first trailer. A few of the heroes need some work to…

Overall, we’re optimistic that this game can try to ride the coat tails of Sony’s Spiderman, which was an awesome game. Hopefully it lives up to expectations.

Oh, there was also a ‘post-conference’ scene that was shown. Check it out.

Hank Pym and the release date? Cool!

What do you guys think about this game? Do like it or do you hate it? Somewhere in between perhaps? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time…



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