Bassam Tariq to Helm the New Blade Movie?

We are so glad to finally have an update on the upcoming Blade film. Blade is basically the first modern comic book movie and we are so glad that marvel is finally revisiting the character and bringing him into the MCU. News broke out yesterday, from Deadline, that Bassam Tariq is rumored to be directing... Continue Reading →

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Official Trailer

Awesome is the word to describe his new trailer! We love what Marvel is doing to Shang Chi and how they are planning to bring this nobody to the big screen. It is about time that the Master of Kung Fu got some recognition! Check out the new trailer here! That trailers was a... Continue Reading →

SeppinRek reviews Black Panther!

Hey everyone! In light of our incredible return to the blog, we have also started the youtube channel back up to focus more on comics and movies and are hereby canceling all gameplay that was previously going up there. And what would be the best way to start? Why a review of the most recent... Continue Reading →

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