Tobias Menzies is Sinestro?!

It has just come out! We have a Sinestro for the Green Lantern Corps and it is Tobias Menzies. You may recognize him as Edmure Tully from Game of Thrones. What do we think about this casting? It is almost perfect. He has a good noble, if misguided, air around him which goes so well... Continue Reading →

Seppin Reviews: Sinestro – Year of the Villain 1

Welcome back! Today we will be reviewing Sinestro - Year of the Villain #1 which is written by Mark Russell and features art by Yildiray Cinar and Julio Ferreira.   ~~Review~~   Year of the Villain seems like it is going to be a really cool event for DC. A lot of the villains are... Continue Reading →

Monday Match-Up

  Welcome back to our Monday Match-Up!   Master Chief: Master Chief is a highly skilled soldier from the Halo franchise. He was biochemically engineered from an early age to be a super weapon. Strengths Highly trained in all combats Has an intelligent A.I. inside his helmet Enhanced eyesight, strength, and reflexes Has near unbreakable... Continue Reading →

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