Monday Match-Up



Welcome back to our Monday Match-Up!


Master Chief:

Mas Cheif

Master Chief is a highly skilled soldier from the Halo franchise. He was biochemically engineered from an early age to be a super weapon.


Highly trained in all combats

Has an intelligent A.I. inside his helmet

Enhanced eyesight, strength, and reflexes

Has near unbreakable skeleton structure


He can’t remove his armor by himself

He can get frostbite

He falls a lot





Cable is a possible future son of Cyclops and Jean Gray. At a young age he was very powerful until Apocalypse infected him with a cybernetic virus. He can time travel and he is always going back into time trying to stop future events including his own. He is a very convoluted character.



Superhuman abilities

Giant laser gun

Born leader

Time traveler




His cybernetic virus


Let’s fight!

Seppin: I think that Cable would win because he is cool.

Rek: Great explanation. Cool, really? His name isn’t Master Chief. That’s a cool name. Much cooler than Cable.

Seppin: Bro, Cable is John Conner.

Rek: And what happened to John Conner?

Seppin: Cable can time travel and stop Master Chief.

Rek: Cable has to time travel for that to happen. Master Chief would kill him before he could do that.

Seppin: Master Chief would trip and fall.

Rek: Stop making idiotic instances where some things could happen. Master Chief wins.

Seppin: Cable has a giant laser gun.

Rek: Master Chief has taken on Gods.

Seppin: Cable is a God.

Rek: He’s an X-Men.

Seppin: Cable would try to teach him all the X-Men origins and try to confuse him.

Rek: Master Chief would shot him in the head.

Seppin: He’s got shielding.

Rek: He would keep shooting…again and again.

Seppin: There’s really no point. Cable would go back in time and stop Master Chief from being created.

Rek: Again, I say, he would have to actually go back in time. Master Chief would just kill him before that happens.

Seppin: I’m not going to argue. Cable wins in my mind. You can use your Master Chief fantasies all you want.

Rek: Master Chief wins. Done.

Seppin: Whateve’s.


Villain Match-Up




Sinestro was an ex Green Lantern who founded the Sinestro corps. which represent fear. He basically becomes a dictator of a planet and protects it.



He can create yellow light constructs

He can incite fear in people

He’s very smart

He’s determined and powerful with determination



He’s afraid, bit of a cry baby

He’s blinded by his own fear






Malekith is a ruler of the Dark Elves and once wielded the ancient casket of Winters. He is mainly a Thor villain, but he also doesn’t like Iron Man.



He possesses superhuman intellect, strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes.

He manipulates the forces of magic.





Fight! Fight!

Rek: I don’t know. I want to go with Sinestro, but Seppin is going with him. I think Malekith is a stupid villain though. Done.

Seppin: Sinestro, of course. Purely because I hate Thor: The Dark World and I like Sinestro as an anti-hero.

Rek: That was quick


What’s on Tap for this Week.

Tuesday– Top Five Spidermen

Wednesday– Wrecking Rek is back!

Thursday–  Justice League vs. Teen Titans Review

Friday– News Roundup.




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