Tobias Menzies is Sinestro?!

It has just come out! We have a Sinestro for the Green Lantern Corps and it is Tobias Menzies. You may recognize him as Edmure Tully from Game of Thrones.

What do we think about this casting?

HBO Max Is Looking at Game of Thrones Actor To Play Green Lantern's Sinestro  - The Direct

It is almost perfect. He has a good noble, if misguided, air around him which goes so well with Sinestro. We are super excited to what he is going to bring to the role and how his character will play into the series.

Apparently, the show will reportedly explore his time as a Green Lantern before he breaks bad and forms the Yellow Lantern Corps. This is awesome because it would be really cool to slowly see Sinestro disagree with the Guardians and eventually forge his own yellow ring.

We are excited for this show and just can’t wait to get something green lantern related!

What do you think? Do you want to watch Green Lantern Corps?

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