The Flash Season Finale Promo

Tonight is the night on The Flash. One of the most anticipated season finales and we are ready to see how everything transpires. We do have our own theory, but since we do not want to spoil you, we are going to keep that to ourselves! Check out the short promo below: The Flash is…

The Flash Promo 5/16/2016

Captain Cold? King Shark? This is going to be good! The Flash is now down to the last few episodes and it looks like Barry somehow ropes Captain Cold into helping him stop Savitar. Check out the promo below! The Flash is on The CW at 8:00pm tonight!   ~Seppin ~Rek  

Flash Promo & Sizzle Reel

After last weeks shocking reveal, we are more than ready for tonight’s episode of The Flash. Check out the extended trailer and brand new sizzle reel below! Captain Cold is back!   The Flash is on The CW tonight at 8:00pm.   ~Seppin ~Rek

The Flash Promo 5/2/2017

Is this the week? Will we find out who Savitar really is (although we think we have a good guess)? A new promo for The Flash just came out and we’re excited for tonight’s episode. The Flash is on The CW tonight at 8:00 pm!   ~Seppin ~Rek