New Logan Movie Images

Last week, actor Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold revealed that the third installment in the Wolverine franchise would be called Logan, and an image of the script hinted that the film would focus on the “Old Man Logan” story-line. Soon after the announcement was made, a mysterious, verified Instagram account appeared under the name... Continue Reading →

X 23 Confirmed

The Wrap is reporting  that they have confirmed with sources that X-23 will indeed feature in the third solo Wolverine outing. They are also saying that Sienna Novikov is set to take on the role of Logan’s daughter. Adding credence to this, they are also saying that Richard E. Grant is going to be Dr. Zander Rice, the... Continue Reading →

Top Five Iconic Marvel Weapons

  Today we will be discussing our favorite Marvel weapons that we deem iconic. These are weapons and tools that add to a character's power or gift, not the definitive gift that is already apart of a character. That being said, none of the Iron Man armors will be shown during this.  Remember that this... Continue Reading →

SeppinRek’s Top Five: Anti-Heroes

Hey Everyone, we are back for another Top Five Tuesday. This week we will be talking about our favorite Anti-heroes in DC and Marvel comics. Remember that these our own opinions. So let's get started. 5. Deathstroke   Seppin: Slade Wilson is a mercenary for hire, so obviously he can be really bad, but also occasionally good.... Continue Reading →

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