Seppin’s Review for Vixen Episode 1

Hey everyone, I’m sorry for being a bit busy lately, but lets start the review. For those that don’t know; this is one of the starting shows for the CW Seed. CW Seed is similar to Amazon Prime or Netflix, but it only has shows from the CW. Vixen is a spin-off show from Flash and Arrow. Speaking of, this show includes the voices of the two heroes (Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin) with their popular sidekicks i.e. Felicity and Cisco. Vixen is one of the first successful heroes from the African American superhero movement, but she hasn’t been very popular recently. This fits perfectly with CW’s heroes like Huntress and Wildcat. Vixen’s secret Identity is a troubled young woman named ” Mari McCabe”. She is just trying to find her place in the world as a fashion designer, but she has always had a hole in her life. She never knew her parents, but she still had the necklace that was her family heirloom. She eventually learns the necklaces contains the power of the animals of the wild.

So she becomes a super heroine.

Now let’s start talking about this great episode. We start off with a high speed chase away from Flash and Arrow. We see Vixen’s powers against the two heroes. Somehow she goes faster than Flash at some points, but other than that it looks amazing. DC has always done great animation, so this suggests a lot of potential for the future. It is an insane moment when she catches the arrow and Ollie is surprised by her super reflexes. While she is in prison they mention her sketch book with her fashion designs. Which, of coarse, references her future career. They give her necklace back to her when someone posted her bail. It turns out it was her foster dad and they talk in greater length about her feeling lack of identity without knowing her family or who she really is. When they leave the diner they are mugged by some random mugger. This is funny because he doesn’t know who he is robbing and that’s where the episode ends.

In an interview with Marc Guggenheim, he mentions the easiest way to learn someones powers, is to give them a random mugger. This coincides with the average comic book theme of random muggers. Overall it was a good first episode other than not hearing Arrow or Flash’s voice. Five minutes is the perfect amount of time to quickly catch it on the go so there is no reason for you to miss it.

Check it out here:

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