Seppin’s Review for Gotham Season Two Episode One

Hey everyone, This is my review on Episode one for Gotham. So, to start off, I’m going to explain my relationship with this show. Firstly I think that it is a great Crime Drama and really well-acted, but if you were watching it to get hyped for BvS then you are entirely mistaken. This show is really far off from what Batman is, almost none of these villains should even exist because they were created by Batman. Without Batman we wouldn’t have any of these psychopaths. Even though, I agree that no matter what they all would have ended up crazy; no one should be LAUGHING LIKE THE JOKER.

Now let’s get to the review. So Penguin is the “King of Gotham”, I highly doubt it will stay that way since he is shorter in stature than everyone he owns. I thought it was weird for Selina to be working for him, since she is just a kid and what use could she possibly have other than working for Fish. I think that Bullock is perfect especially when he is with Jim; they just have this great brotherly bond halfway into the episode.Young Bruce is interesting; I’m not entirely sure he should have found the cave so early on. I think that Alfred is really good and has this sort of Earth One vibe to him, so I really enjoy him.

My opinion on Leslie Thompkins, why? There was no need to make Barbra go insane and have Jim be with Lee. Heck, they don’t even mention that she worked with Thomas Wayne, which really bugs me, because she is like the Batman’s personal psychiatrist which is supposed to be awesome.

Oh, I love Nygma though. He scenes where he is going crazy are the best. He isn’t supposed to be working for the GCPD. I like that on the show he is C.S.I. but in the comic world, he’s just a dude that worked in a cubicle and got wrongfully fired and planned revenge.

Now onto the bane of my existence, Jerome. Who is this kid that they want to be a possible Joker? The big thing about the Joker is that he doesn’t have a proper origin story, which they did a great job in the Dark Knight. If the real Joker knew about this kid, he would straight out kill him. The Joker doesn’t like copycats and this kid is a major follower. There is no way he is the Joker, but in the same episode that they introduced Jerome, they had a comedian get cast off stage in Fish Mooney’s club. That is my choice for the Joker; that random guy that never gets the punchline quite right. I expect this show to maybe get one more season because of it’s quality, but it can’t last with the comic book uproar.

During the time I’m writing this they just announced the Court of Owls to appear.The Court of Owls is a relatively new enemy for Batman. They are a secret organization in Gotham that even Batman didn’t know about. That alone explains how crucial they are to Batman’s story.I think that this would be really good for the show, because it is Bruce’s first big case. I think that they could do a great story on Bruce getting so close to them and right before he finds this secret organization, he quits because he was just looking for a way to explain he parents murder. You could have heartfelt moment with Alfred then send Bruce away for private schools.

That’s my review for Gotham, episode one, season two.
Thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?


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