Upcoming Games: Rek’s Review


Hey, Rek here. I want to talk about a few of the upcoming games coming out soon. First up we’ll talk about Star Wars Battlefront.
Check out the trailer below and I’ll dissect it for you:

Okay, first off, the trailer graphics look beautiful. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get a new Battlefront and for the game to be done by EA is decent in my opinion. Before the trailer came out I half expected it to be a re-textured version of Battlefield, but after seeing the trailers, the game developers stuck with the roots, and formed something that can only pump people up for the new Star Wars movie.

Cool things I noticed:
1) All the new weapons! You’re not limited to a single blaster rifle and the customization of every weapon…I believe. I could be wrong, but I think we’re getting a opportunity to improve our own game and play the way we see fit.
2) Species. It appears that you can switch out characters. You can play a variety of human and alien life forms.
3) Vehicles. You can fly while the battle is going on down below. This means that I can fly an X-Wing and support the troops on the ground taking on an ATST. The speeder bikes look a lot better and they seem to run more agile.
4) Enhanced Players. I liked the look of the Jedi and the Siths. Everyone looks clearer and more lifelike. I’m not sure how the options to become them will be displayed, but it will be cool no matter what.
5) Darth…need we say more? He looks pretty badass.
6) Multiplayer game modes. The new game modes are geared towards interactive objectives.

1) ATAT in Endor…say whaaattt? In the movies they mentioned that they could not bring ATAT’s on Endor because it was too heavily forested. This is a slight mistake, but to us Star War fans and gamers, it’s kinda of a jab in the gut. Will this be included in all maps or only some?
2) The one aspect that everyone is going to pick on is Luke Skywalker’s costume on the planet Hoth. The trailer shows Luke in his black Jedi Knight outfit which as most people know that is inaccurate. No offense, but Battlefront 2 actually had Luke in his pilot costume which is correct.
3) No campaigns???? I definitely would have liked to see a single player campaign. With all the games that have come out recently that do not include single player campaigns, I can understand why they may not do it, but come on EA, real gamers dig it.

On the fence:
1) Power ups. I don’t understand why they would do this, except to make the game fair…???
2) Space battles. It can get repetitive if not done well.

Check out this new trailer which shows exclusive gameplay footage:

Game Wave Mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlErxrZcuZw

Fighter Squadron Mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlErxrZcuZw


Next up we have Tomb raider 2: Rise of the tomb raider. Check out the trailer below:

Again, this game looks beautiful. we are getting some serious graphics this year. I want to disclose that I am a big tomb raider fan so this is pretty awesome in my opinion. What is even more awesome is that there are rumors that they have chosen a director for a movie reboot. I am going to throw a name out there which I’m sure Arrow fans will recognize. Nissa Al Ghul ( Katrina Law) is my pick for Lara Croft and if you know who she is, you are now nodding your head with me.

Cool things I noticed:
1) She’s not a rookie. She knows what she is doing this time, which is awesome to see. It doesn’t feel like she is dragging her feet in the dirt as she muddles about. She’s also slightly mentally insane…not a problem for this fan boy.
2) The environment. The location is Siberia and I feel like there will be a lot more climbing in this game than the last one.
3) More tombs. I have a side passion for archaeology so the fact that I can raid more tombs is a bonus.
4) More use of the bow. Before, there was more focus on guns I felt, which is not fully true to her character and I feel like the more she uses the bow, the more authentic characterization of Lara Croft is shown.

1) I wish that I saw more of the map, but then again they don’t want to spoil it too much.
2) Who are these cult guys? As if one set wasn’t enough. If they went into the Illuminati aspect, I would be interested, but I don’t think they are going to do that for this game. Maybe 3??? 🙂
3) No friends this time? Is it only going to be Lara? Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a big fan of the other guys, except for Alex, and this is more of a personal opinion.

So that’s it for tonight. Exciting times coming to the gaming world and I will be posting my reviews as soon as I play any of these games.

See ya~ Rek

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