Captain America Civil War Trailer Shot By Shot



Seppin and Rek here. We are going to break down the new Captain America Civil War trailer.

Check it out below and then we’ll dive in with our analysis.




“Your mom’s name is Sarah and you used to put newspaper in your shoes.” ~ Bucky

The first scene we see Cap and Falcon talking to Bucky who has regained his memories of his former life before he was experimented on and became the Winter Soldier.




Cap is talking about Bucky being a wanted man and then we see this shot of a massive explosion that killed a lot of people.



Cap seems to insinuate that whatever Bucky did or what he might have been framed for is going to have repercussions. There is a squadron of soldiers coming for him. In this shot, at the very back you can see a glimpse of Crossbones. He, of course, was in Captain America Winter Soldier as Brock Rumlow. We last saw him fighting Falcon and then becoming charred when the S.H.I.E.L.D. building was brought down by the helicarrier.



Bucky states that he does not do that anymore and we can see that he has no intention of surrendering or being captured.

Quick note: Shouldn’t Bucky have a fear of heights after falling several hundred feet off of a moving train during WWII?



Really cool to see General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross ( The Hulk 2008). It’s nice of Marvel to bring him back because he did a great job and deserves to reprise his role. He is addressing Cap and questioning his identity as a hero. He brings up the term vigilante which is completely insulting after Cap has saved the world how many times?



The Sokovia Accords. Basically this is the frame work for the registration act. In this act, all enhanced beings must register so that the government can keep an eye on them.

And here in lies the guts of Civil War.

This battle can being seen as red vs. blue. Cap vs. Iron Man, or a political battle.

On one side we have our star spangled hero, Captain America, who adamantly opposes the registration. We believe it brings back memories of WWII where Cap fought so hard for the freedom of all people held captive by the Nazi’s. We also think that he is probably weary of the government after learning that HYDRA has been secretly infiltrating  S.H.I.E.L.D. which he has been working for since coming out of the ice.

On the other side we have the invincible Iron Man. We saw ripples of his viewpoint in the Avengers 2 when he tried to build a shield around the world and fantasied about peace in our time. Tony believes that the Accords and registration act is a good thing because he got spooked out by an explosion that killed eight hundred people and he feels that enhanced beings need limits, and also be held accountable.

The large point of Civil War is to show two highly differing opinions on whether these destructive beings should be held accountable for their actions. Even though they are putting their power towards a better cause. Should we just let these “Heroes” run among the civilian population?



Here we can see Captain America holstering his mighty shield after what we assume is when he saved Bucky. Or this could be later on where Cap has refused to sign the arrangement and the government are after him. You can also see that they sent a ton of officers to stop Captain America. This is because the last time Hydra sent soldiers it was not enough; hopefully this isn’t either.



This seems to be either before or after when Cap is arrested. We also saw a glimpse of his shield being taken away from him. In the right hand corner, we can just make out Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) and some unknown individual.



Our first glimpse at Iron Man’s new suit. The mask is based off the newer version of Iron Man in the comics and it looks great.



Black Panther…ohhhh, we love the suit. Quick background on the newest character being introduced. T’Challa is the king of Wakanda ( you know the African country we visited in Avengers 2 for like 5 minutes? It’s also where all of the vibranium in the world is located-minus Cap’s shield).



Here we see Black Panther chasing Bucky with Captain America chasing him…good luck with that, Cap.

Black Panther has super human speed and strength, he also has enhanced senses.

So the question is why is Black Panther chasing Bucky? In the comics, Black Panther is part of the Illuminati and he has ties with Iron Man, but he is opposed to the registration act. He is usually against any interference to his country so we can also speculate that perhaps Bucky did something against Wakanda.

Maybe Bucky assassinated T’Challa’s father? Which, in our opinion, is a great way to introduce him.



Awesome shot of Black Panther drop kicking the Winter Soldier!



Pretty spectacular picture demonstrating Captain America’s strength. Who is in the helicopter and why is he trying to stop it?



Bucky’s got a gun and he’s not afraid to use it…

Looks like he and Cap are gearing up for battle.



Here we see iron Man and War Machine going into the fight.



Cap’s team! In this corner we have Cap, Falcon, Bucky, Scarlett Witch and Hawkeye.

But if you look super closely you CAN’T see Ant Man.

He’s there…don’t worry.



Uh oh, going for the reactors. Unlike Cap, Bucky is not afraid to go for the proverbial jugular.



War Machine down. I repeat, War Machine down. We don’t think he’s dead. I mean, why, WHY, would Marvel show this in the trailer??

Interesting to note though, his reactor is pulled out of his suit.

Also, in the comic, a character named Goliath dies. War Machine could be his replacement in the series, but again, we don’t think he’s dead.



“I’m sorry, Tony. He’s my friend.”

“But so was I.”

Here we have a little bro romance/jealousy going on between the Tony/Cap/ Bucky friend triangle. Just kidding.

So deep. Iron Man and Cap should be the best of friends. They disagree on issues, but in the comics, they are pretty tight.

Until Civil War of course.

But Cap and Bucky go back to childhood and they are like brothers.



Our final scene and it does not disappoint. Bucky and Cap taking on Iron Man. Bucky wields the shield very well (cough, cough).

After this scene, is Steve Rogers going to die? Will Marvel have the balls to kill off one of their best characters and stay faithful to the comics?

Will Bucky take up the mantle of Captain America as he is supposed too?

We think…yes.

A few notes:

  • I want to point out that they should not have shown the fight in the first teaser. It was a bit foolish. I think they should have waited until the next trailer for a bigger hype.
  • No Scott Lang. Where was Ant Man? We were expecting a little humor. I mean c’mon, Ant Man and Falcon? Awesome.
  • No Spiderman. No glimpse of the new suit? In the comics, Peter Parker is probably one of the most important parts of the story, especially when he reveals his secret identity to the public. He’s also a turncoat. He was on Iron Man’s team, but switched. Big moment in the story.
  • We would also like to point out that it sucks that there is no Wolverine in the movie since he is the coolest part of the comic. While Cap and Iron Man battle, Wolverine goes looking for the responsible man behind this whole blow up.
  • The villain. Baron Von Zemo is also M.I.A. from the trailer. We also haven’t seen any pictures to date of him.



Iron Man

War Machine– This is of no surprise. He’s Tony’s Best bud.

Vision– We don’t think Vision is going to be getting involved too much because he is on the side of mankind and we may see a shift in alliance.

Black Widow– This is quite a betrayal. We saw Natasha and Steve getting closer in Cap 2 so why would she side with Tony? We did see her embrace getting things out in the open at the end of Winter Soldier so this could be part of her story arc.

Black Panther– Although in the comics, he wasn’t for registration, in the movie he looks to be on Tony’s side.


Cap’s Team

Falcon– He’s to Cap what War Machine is to Tony. Personally, I think he should pick up Cap’s shield.

Scarlett Witch– She’s already part of the new Avengers and let’s not forget that she is wary of Tony Stark.

Ant Man– Scott Lang is just happy to be part of any team!

Winter Soldier– Again, quite obvious why he’s on Cap’s team.

Hawkeye– Okay, can we point something out? In the Avengers movie, Hawkeye was brainwashed by Loki and did his bidding. When he woke up, all was forgiven.

Bucky get’s brainwashed for over seventy years and he’s public enemy number one? Really?

If anyone can sympathize with Bucky, it’s Hawkeye. Plus he has a family.


Rek’s Team:



Seppin’s Team:




All I’m saying is that Batman could resolve this in a heartbeat.


Check out this cool fan made trailer to Adele’s new song ‘Hello’.


















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