Batman v Superman Trailer #3 Shot by Shot


Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel we got to finally see another look at Batman v Superman. This trailer contains a crazy amount of scenes and images, and we are going to try to break it down for you. Check out the link below (in case you haven’t watched it 10 times) and we will post our first reactions to this pretty mind blowing trailer.



First Reactions

Seppin: OMG. That was like totally Bruce Wayne there. I told everyone Ben Affleck would make a great Batman and he really showed it at the beginning. Doomsday??!! My only question is, will Henry Cavill die?


Rek: Awesome trailerI have to admit I enjoyed this trailer more than the first. Where’s the basketball though??


Alright, let’s get started!



Bruce Wayne rolling up in a DB2/4 MKIII Aston Martin. 0-60 in under 10 seconds, but why is Bruce driving himself? Where is Alfred? Well, this Alfred does not seem like past portrayals of the loyal butler and we do not think he is going to be driving Master Wayne around…or calling him that.



“Who is that?” ~ Clark Kent

Some reporter you are, Clark. He doesn’t know who Bruce Wayne is? Maybe he’s playing it up, but they have newspapers and internet on the farm in Kansas. I do like the looks of Henry Cavill here. He really does personify Clark Kent.



Our first interaction between our two Superheroes.
Oh my God. They’re shaking hands.
The conversation is pretty intense. I have a feeling Bruce already knows that Clark is Superman by now. That’s probably why he came to the gala. The question is why was Clark Kent, a lowly reporter invited?



The Bat vigilante?

Oh, we love the Bat smirk. Perfect Affleck.



We’ve seen this image before, but it’s worth showing again as the conversation revolves around the two differing opinions that each man holds of the others alter ego.

Also, he’s holding up a freaking rocket. That’s just beyond awesome.



We’ve got the savior and we also have some sort of monument. We want to point out to the right there is a man in a wheelchair. Could this be Jimmy Olsen?



Oh yeah…the Batman is back and delivering justice to all of Gotham’s scum. Clark is stating that this ‘Bat’ vigilante is stomping on criminals civil liberties.



Scene from Bruce Wayne’s prospective as the man of steel fights Zod. Who is in the vehicle?

Quick note. You can see that the street is name ‘Fart Street’.

Zack does have a sense of humor.



“Maybe it’s the Gotham city in me. We have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.”


Was that a Joker reference?

Oh dang. Burn.



Okay, let’s talk about Lex. We like him. I feel that some are not going to be pleased with Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal, but we think he is great.

He is very ecstatic and he is hiding his evil doings very well with a somewhat smarmy performance. He seems like what Lex Luthor would be out in public with maybe a dash of ADHD. We think there is a good possibility that he knows who Clark is underneath his disguise.



So we’re in the dream sequence again and other than the fact that Batman is owning some fools, we can see these monsters with wings. My prediction is that these are Parademons. Darkseid’s minions. I believe that because we already know that this is going to lead up to a Justice League movie and my conclusion is that Darkseid is the villain. It probably confirms we’re getting a Justice League War for the movie. Basically it is how they all banded together so it makes sense, but not many people like that origin.



Oh…who’s going to back down first?

We have Superman’s flowing cape vs. the beautiful Batman power armor.

Lots of explosions in the background. It just looks amazing.



Oh my God we get to see the Batwing, not the stupid Bat helicopter ( No offense Christopher Nolan). It looks great. It’s literally the best incarnation of the Batwing and boy, it is agile.




Best line of the trailer.

“It’s time for you to learn for what it is to be a man.” ~ Batman

Seriously? I don’t even know what to say. Beyond incredible.



Another shot of the beautiful power armor. It’s just perfect. He has all the weapons ready. He has the Bat belt around his shoulders, like he’s supposed too.

It’s great.



Heat vision. That’s some powerful blast being directed at someone.




This is what Batman is known for. Crashing through windows, walls, or ceilings. Pretty much anything that can be broken by a man or vehicle, Batman can do it all and with style.



Batman is shooting Superman. He’s going full blast into him.


batman-v-superman-image-48-600x249’re about to get wrecked.



“Tell me do you bleed? You will.”

What do we have here?
Batman pummeling Superman. Does he have some kryptonite steel knuckles?



Cool shot of Superman.



Best shot ever of the Dark Knight.



Dark Knight down. Quick. Someone revive him.

Batman is on the ground, but he won’t stay that way for long.



“Stay down. If I wanted it, you would be dead already.” ~ Superman

Then do it Superman.

Oh that’s right. You don’t have the balls to do it.



Uh oh. Mercy has a new project for Professor Lex. The question is, how did he get Zod’s body? We think that Senator Finch let him have Zod’s corpse. After all, why else would she be in the movie?



Bring it to me.
He’s like a better version of Victor Frankenstein. Lex also is a workaholic so this is pretty characteristic of his character. Obviously, his plan to have Batman kill Superman isn’t working and he’s going for plan B.



This is a funky face on Lex. Why is Superman there? To go after Lois Lane who it looks like she was kidnapped by Lex to get to Superman?



Bring it to life!



What in the world is our mad scientist creating?



Oh yeah…Ladies and gentlemen, we have Doomsday. No question about it now. I like that they have based his character as a science experiment not the stupid new 52 version where he has a mohawk. Lex created Doomsday to kill Superman because Superman was getting in the way. He looks a bit ugly, no doubt. There is quite a lot of CGI, but I’m fine with that as long as it’s good CGI.



We see here that he has utilized Zod’s heat vision and it came into great use.



“Oh sh-.” ~Batman

Yup. Even Batman is quite stunned at the sight of Doomsday.



Huge explosion. Looks great, but what has happened to our heroes?







Enter Wonder Woman and her shield.

Wow, I think this was a great way to introduce her in the trailer. They are pushing the female superhero and Wonder Woman is the perfect hero for girls to look up too.

Sorry, better than Black Widow.



“Is she with you?” ~Superman.

“I thought she was with you?” ~Batman

Um, guys? Maybe we should fight Doomsday now? Together?

Love the short and funny interaction between Bats and Supes.




The Trinity! Our three strongest characters together at last on the big screen.

That’s just crazy to see. Every comic book fan should be freaking out right now. All of our childhood memories and images are being brought to life. All these years of watching pointless t.v. cartoons and reruns are now paying off for us fans. They finally listened.



  • No Aquaman. He probably has a small cameo and we’re good with that.
  • No Flash or Cyborg. I’m still not convinced that we’ll see our favorite scarlet speedster at all.
  • This trailer definitely seems more like Clark Kent vs. Bruce Wayne. The first trailer was focused on Batman vs. Superman. I think this trailer showed more of who they are as everyday people.
  • We want to point out a random observation. Superman is Clark Kent’s alter ego whereas Bruce Wayne is Batman’s alter ego. It’s just my opinion, but that is the big difference between the two of them. Bruce became Batman the night his parent’s died. The mask he wears is the face of Bruce Wayne. Superman really is a boy scout down deep.


Quick Afterthought

We’ve been reading a lot of Twitter trolls and reviews. We wanted to add a few things for our naysayers who think Zack Snyder just showed the entire movie in the trailer and they also have the opinion that he should not have shown Doomsday.

Here’s a quick thought from Seppin.

I think that Snyder is tricking us a bit. I believe that he wants us to think that we know the whole movie already, but I think the boys at Warner Brothers and DC have many cards up their sleeves. We think that we’re so smart, knowing our facts about Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday, but what about Cyborg or Aquaman, or the rumored Flash? What about Jenna Malone and the several other actors who are joining the DC movie universe that we still don’t know about nor have we seen.

I think they have a whole deck that they can throw at us. They are still building a huge universe (That’s better than any purple guy in space) and this is just the first real step up a massive, intricate, staircase.

Who cares if Doomsday is shown in this trailer? Who cares if Superman dies? He’s going to come back in an epic way for Justice League. We all know this. Marvel would probably just resurrect them in the same movie, or just completely disregard the comics altogether and make up their own endings to appease audiences and make more money to line their already stuffed Disney pockets (Cough. Age of Ultron, anyone?)

We’re not Marvel haters. We’re just being realistic. Infinity Gauntlet and Civil War are two of my favorites. My boy Luke Cage is my second favorite comic book character. We just want to make sure everyone calms down and stops being such haters on what is going to be an amazing movie. This is the FIRST time we have Batman and Superman on the big screen (with Wonder Woman!). The two most notable characters in the world. They are going to be pummeling one another before teaming up in the most epic battle in comic history.

It’s going to be great. Chill it on out people!


That’s our review. I doubt we’ll get another trailer. We are super pumped for this movie and this trailer was pretty amazing.

Until next time…






















All opinions expressed are our own. We welcome all comments, as long as, they are not profanity laced, internet troll, moronic, statements.

Photos are the property of Warner Bros.


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