Tuesday Top Five: Video Games We Want To Be Made



Welcome back for our Tuesday top five. Today we are going to be ranking the video games that we want to be made. These are our opinions, but feel free to add your own in the comments.

Now let’s get to it.


5. Star Wars 1313

Rek: With all the hype around Star Wars it seems important to throw this game’s name into the ring and also bring up its tragic past. Lucas Films was working on a game where you play as a smuggler in the lower levels of Coruscant. This project was so close to completion that it had a trailer, game play, and a release date.

But, Lucas Films went into bankruptcy and Star Wars 1313 just vanished. Although it’s unlikely for Disney to bring back this game, it would be awesome to  experience because Battlefront has been a slight letdown.


Seppin: Get over it. It’s done. The game play looked awesome, but it’s not going to happen.




4. Saint’s Row V


Rek: I would love to see a new Saint’s Row game. I’m amped for some explosions, humor, and be an overall badass. The only problem with this is, where would they go with it? After the death of THQ (R.I.P.) 2K took over the franchise and have only released DLC’s, and also released it on NextGen consoles. These companies would have to be very creative to find a new story arc. You already have played a gang leader, president, fought aliens, gone to Hell and came back.

Where could they go next?

I would like to know and I would definitely play it.


Seppin: I want to be an universal guardian. That’s the only thing that pops into my head on what they could do next for the franchise.




3. Watch Dogs 2


Seppin: I’m up first for this one since Watch Dogs is one of my favorites. I love Watch Dogs because of Red Hood. Aiden Pierce and Jason Todd are slightly similar.

Aiden Pierce is the main character who is a hacker. After one virtual heist went bad, the mob attacked him, his sister, and his niece while they were driving. Crash, boom, the niece is dead. Now Aiden seeks vengeance.

I want this to be made because the cliffhanger at the end where they talk about Aiden Pierce becoming ‘The Fox’ just really felt awesome. Especially since I chose not to kill that many people when I played.

One con that I hate is that people relate Watch Dogs to Arkham Origins which came out before and I think that it is a bad comparison.

*They better keep Aiden Pierce, even though, they said they don’t want too.*


Rek: I wouldn’t mind a Watch Dogs 2 as long as the environment is more destructive. I would have preferred a smoother game.





2. Grand Theft Auto 6


Rek: Although this game won’t come out for another seven years, it’s nice to hope. With the ‘Grand’ success of GTA5 (Grand..get it? My pun for today.) There’s no doubt in my mind that they won’t expand on their massive achievement.


Seppin: I hope that if they do another GTA that they use the last three characters. I liked Franklin a lot.


Rek: I liked Michael. He was a sarcastic capitalist who liked old movies and stealth. Trevor is a close second.



1. Man of Steel


Seppin: I cried when I heard Arkham Knight was the last Batman game, but then I saw THIS anonymous screen shot! It’s a stretch, but I believe they are building a gaming universe and I have been saying for years now that a Justice League game with today’s technology and graphics would be amazing.

The picture came from a worker who was applying for a job at Rocksteady games. Now, I don’t know why Rocksteady would want him to create a graphic like this but for obvious reasons.

A Superman game…that wouldn’t suck. Let us hope that it is true.


Rek: I would just like to say that this is only a leaked image. This has not been confirmed or denied. This would be an awesome game, but in truth we do not know if it will happen.


Honorable Mention


* Telltales Games : Batman*



Seppin: Oh the hype. This is only a honorable mention since it is coming out next year. I just want to say that I have complete faith in Telltale writers in making a Batman game.


Rek: …With their excellent job at Vertigo’s The Wolf Among Us.


That’s all for now. Next week our Top Five will be devoted to Star Wars and our top picks for our favorite Jedi.




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