CW Mid-season Trailers & DC Comics Two Part Special


Did we mention that it is an amazing time to be a comic book fan?

Word dropped yesterday that we are going to get a two part DC Comics special during the premiere week for Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. So not only are we going to get new episodes to some of our favorite shows ,but we are also going to see brand new footage for the new Wonder Woman movie, Batman v Superman, AND a new trailer for Suicide Squad.

Let’s start with the new trailers for each show!

The Flash



Quick Impressions:

  • A minute too late for what?
  • Caitlin Snow is obviously Killer Frost (as we knew she would be), but is it in Earth 2?
  • Joe and Wally spending time together
  • Reverse Flash is back…Eobard Thone has come back, but is he in Earth 2 as well?
  • Barry Allen with glasses.

We think Barry is going to Earth 2 and we’re assuming it is to dig up more dirt on how to destroy Zoom.





Quick Impressions:

  • The trailer is titled ‘Revenge’ and we can only assume from the ever present grave site scene that Ollie is out for blood.
  • We here at SeppinRek do not think Felicity is dead, but something happened during surgery. Could Felicity become paralyzed and turn into an Oracle esque character a la Barbara Gordon?
  • The Anarchy symbol was once again present.
  • The biggest question is who is dead?


Legends of Tomorrow



Quick Impressions:

  • There’s a lot to talk about with this new show. A quick background is that we have Atom (Ray Palmer), White Canary (Sara Lance), Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Hawk Girl, Hawk Man, Firestorm ( the awesome duo), and Rip Hunter. They are assembled by Rip Hunter to take on Vandal Savage who we saw in the Arrow/ Flash crossover.
  • We are excited for this show and can’t wait to see what they do with the story arc.



rs_634x778-151121115003-634-gal-gadot-wonder-woman-112115 suicide-squad-2016-task-force Batman-vs-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-1


DC Special

Um…we’ll be watching the CW. Let us know how the Cap special was if you watch it!



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