Top Five Movies of 2015 & Top Five Anticipated Movies of 2016


Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit since we posted. We have been taking a small break over the Christmas holiday. Today we want to talk about our top five movies that we loved this year and also the top five movies we are excited to see in 2016. The movies we have picked may not be Oscar contenders, but these are just our opinions.

So let’s get started…



5. Kingsman : The Secret Service

A.K.A. The year’s biggest surprise.

Seppin: This movie definitely changed the spy genre. It made the whole concept feel more fun and modern. It showed that you could have a lot of action, humor, and swearing in a spy movie and Samuel Jackson had a lisp in the movie…can you get any better than that?

Rek: It’s an awesome spy movie and deserves this position. We wished we could have put Spectre in this spot, but it just didn’t make the cut…by a long shot.



4. Furious Seven

Seppin: This may be the biggest surprise on our list, but it was seriously amazing. I want to just say James Wan, the director, did a great job dealing with Paul Walker’s death. Anyone who has seen the movie knows what I am talking about.

Rek: Well, I don’t think it deserves this spot. It was a good movie, but I wish they would have just finished it there. Instead they are just going to continue and I am afraid of what they are going to make in the future.

R.I.P. Paul Walker.



3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Rek: I liked the film. It’s Star Wars. I enjoyed the realism they tried to incorporate, with the storm troopers, and that people actually died. Han Solo was surprisingly good and I look forward to seeing more of Mark Hamill.

Seppin: Okay let’s derail off the tracks of Rek’s response…the movie was “good”. I liked it, that’s why it’s here, BUT it was literally a New Hope in a modern fashion. I did like John Boyega though…my boy.

Rek: “I don’t like the movie,”…blah, blah, blah.

Seppin; Wow. Kinda rude. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Rek: *Whisper* Okay, it was very linear.



2. Creed

Seppin: This should not be a surprise to anyone who read my Creed review. You all should know I loved the movie to death. It was just a great film. Well acted and it complimented the old Rocky movies very well. I really like Michael B. Jordan. He’s a great actor.

*Disregard Fantastic Four*

Rek: It was a good movie. I was just sad that I lost my American Flag Creed shorts so I could have worn them to see the movie.



1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Seppin: “For Vahalla…” Without a doubt the best movie to come out this year. It was full of action and craziness, but it’s world building and story line was incredible. I really hope they make a sequel. Mad Max: Badlands…anyone?

Rek: This was a really good movie, if not the best this year. The craziness added to the subplot really showed a good modern day debate about sexism in general.





Movies we can’t wait to see in 2016



5. Assassin’s Creed


Rek: I was so hyped to hear of this movie’s release. Michael Fassbender…best choice. The recent pictures that they have released look amazing and I am waiting for the trailer which was teased as MAYBE coming in front of Batman v Superman.

Seppin: It’s a video game movie. Hopefully it will really launch a new direction in making video game movies well.



4. Captain America: Civil War

Rek: Cap 3 is going to be a good movie. For some reason I’m not really that jacked for the movie. I feel like something is overshadowing it for sure.

Seppin: Overshadowing? Whatever could you mean? Okay, I am sort of excited for this movie. It’s actually one of the few Marvel comics that I like, but my biggest issue with it is…there’s no Wolverine!! I mean, how can you make this movie without Wolverine or without a major presence of Spiderman?



3. Deadpool

Seppin: This is going to be hilarious. An R Rated Marvel movie?! Wow.

Rek: My only comment is this video:



2. Suicide Squad

Seppin: Oh my goodness. The bad guy team. I can’t wait to see Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker. His character and how well he does with it will truly set up a massive chain reaction in the DC movie world, especially with any Batman solo movies.

Rek: I’m pretty excited to see this movie. I think Will Smith’s Deadshot will be awesome to see and the possibility of Agent 37 a.k.a. Nightwing has definitely peaked my interest. We still don’t know who Scott Eastwood is playing, but we are hoping for Dick Grayson and not Deathstroke.



1. Batman v. Superman

Seppin: Oh…it’s time for Justice (Seppin’s Batman voice). I can’t wait. It’s literally two of the biggest heroes known to man, fighting until they become best bros to lead up to a JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE.

I’m done. My life has been fulfilled.

Rek: My prediction is that it is going to be the best movie of 2016.






3 thoughts on “Top Five Movies of 2015 & Top Five Anticipated Movies of 2016

  1. Whoa! Where is Now You See Me 2?! I mean, Daniel Radcliffe may not be the best fit since he’s straight outta the Harry Potter series but it definitely deserves some recognition!


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