Monday Match-Up: Superheroes & Villains


Welcome! We are starting a new series called ‘Monday Match-Up’. Today we are discussing a superhero match-up and a villain match-up from DC and Marvel.

Let’s start with the heroes first.

Superhero Match-Up


In this corner from DC, we have the football player Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg. More machine than man. He was a high school athlete whose father Silas Stone was a scientist at Star Labs. His father basically ignored him and one fateful night after winning a big game (which his father missed) Victor stormed into Star Labs and messed with his father’s technology. This led to him being infected by an unknown alien disease, good thing his father was a scientist, and saved his life. Unfortunately he could not save most of his son’s body and Victor became a human cyborg.


He can talk to any technology.

Super human strength and speed.

Can form his arm into a giant laser cannon.



Electromagnetic pulse.

He still has a beating heart.




In the other corner we have Marvel’s contestant, Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. We are pretty sure we don’t need to go into his back story. Basically he’s a rich guy with a power suit.


He is a genius with money at his disposal.

Strength from his suit.

Lasers & Gadgets.


Advanced technology within his suit.




Without his suit, he’s just a man.


2000 --- Hanging Boxing Gloves --- Image by © image100/Corbis


Rek: I was thinking about this all day and my champion would be Iron Man. I’m not the biggest Iron Man fan, but he can surely take out Cyborg. The special lasers out of Tony’s wrist could probably cut Cyborg’s legs off (it’s a one time shot). Iron Man can fly faster because he is smaller. I don’t think he can outsmart Cyborg, but he could take him out because he doesn’t care about his surroundings. He will do anything to win for his ego.

Seppin: Are you done babbling? Because my boy Victory is going to straight out yell BOOYAH when he wins.

I think that Cyborg has the upper hand. His body is the suit and he has more to fight for. We also know the Iron Man can be broken into pieces, we’ve seen it, and he would have to jump out of the suit making him vulnerable.

That’s not even including his giant cannon laser arm or the rockets he can fire out of his back. When it comes down to it, I’m pretty sure a computer can outsmart Tony Stark.

Rek: Clearly you are distracted by mere informality. If you want to play around, go ahead…’BOOYAH, I’m Cyborg’, but you are not seeing this from a reasonable perspective.

Seppin: Coming from someone who is on Tony Stark’s side? The biggest show off of them all?

Rek: Okay, you have a point.

Winner: Cyborg.



Villain Match-Up


In this corner of idiocy we have Marvel’s Juggernaut. He is predominately an X-Men villain. He was Professor X’s step-father and he was very abusive. He left his wife eventually to go to war and he found a ruby in a cave that turned him into the Juggernaut after the cave collapsed.


He can run through walls…any wall.

Very Strong.

Can take numerous hits.


He has to wear his helmet or else he is useless.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed.



From the bowels of the sewer, we have DC’s Killer Croc. Waylon Jones was born with a disease that made his skin green and scaly. He was raised by an alcoholic aunt and he got bullied for his looks until he killed one of his tormentors. He made his way to Gotham, after bulking up his frame, and he mutated over the years. He is primarily Batman’s villain.


He’s strong.

He sometimes has a tail.

Sharp Teeth.

Pretty good swimmer.



If he does have the tail, not having the meds to keep the tail apart of him will weaken him.

He’s not that smart.





Seppin: I really want to pick Croc, but I don’t know. I think the Juggernaut is pretty tough to beat.

Rek: I’m with you on this one. The Juggernaut? Boom. A bunch of green, slimy pieces lying on the ground.

Seppin: I do think it depends on the environment. If they are in the swamp and Killer Croc surprises Juggernaut then I think he has a chance, especially if he can rip his helmet off. Then it’s lunchtime for Croc.

Rek: I agree, although in the end they are both losers to Batman.

Winner: Juggernaut


Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts? Please comment in the section below. If you have any suggestions for future match ups, we’ll be glad to give them consideration.

Next week we are going to match up video game heroes and villains.


~ Rek








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